Also, during my childhood, our family moved a lot due to the nature of my father’s job in the plantation industry. Our house would typically be in the plantation and isolated from other 理财投资产品homes. We rarely had neighbours, so I didn’t have many friends to go out and play with. All my free time would be spent with my siblings listening to music or singing songs. Music has always been a part of my life.

Ten years ago, I started taking my passion for music more seriously. I ventured into singing while in college. From there, I progressed into writing my own songs. When I decided to make a career in IT, it seemed like a natural fit. Music is about symmetry and patterns, just as technology is. Music helps me look at tech issues from a different perspective. There is a certain creativity involved.

At work, I apply my passion for music into what I am doing. My background in music helps me with my work in IT. In both, I need to see the big picture while working on the details at a micro level. Music stimulates the brain and it fuels a need to know more, seek new knowledge, discover new trends. Music is like an ocean, there is no end to how notes can be put together to create a melody. Similarly, there are so many new technological changes to learn about, to discover.

Everything I have learned with music, I use in my work to find creative solutions to complex problems. Music to me is not just a stress buster but is my inspiration to be a more creative IT professional.”

Shankar Kumar Jayakumaran, 29, has been with the QI Group since 2013. In addition to being the lead singer of LiveWires, and an aspiring songwriter, he is is a Service Desk Analyst in QI Group’s IT department in Malaysia.